Let Us Provide the Wow Factor

Let Us Provide the Wow Factor

As escape rooms start to pop up all over the nation, things are becoming increasingly competitive among escape rooms. With this rapid evolution and insatiable consumers there is greater emphasis on what designers call the “wow factor”. In order to stand out from other escape rooms, new businesses are working in puzzles and clues that use a variety of senses rather than just sight. You may need to hear clues, smell things, or feel around for clues. There has also been a greater shift toward use of black light clues, secret passages and trap doors.

Innovative escape rooms are also enhancing the themes and stories of the rooms. Players want to suspend reality and feel like they are in an alternate reality with their friends beyond the everyday themes of many rooms. It’s important to make sure clues are connected, tied into the theme, and not just random.

At Escape Frenzy, you can rest assured we have done our research, invested in high quality themes and mind blowing props and puzzles you’ve never seen before. We can’t wait to amaze you.

Where can we add the *Wow Factor*

Escape Frenzy is the perfect venue for your next event. Your special day will be memorable with our live action entertainment.

  • Birthday parties for teens and adults are a great way to celebrate that special day with friends and family.
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties will be the talk of your social circles. Loosen up the group and start the fun in one of our escape rooms.
  • Gender reveal parties can be made into an awesome experience when we make solving the final puzzle the answer to: boy or girl?
  • Instead of figuring out an excuse to dodge the family reunion, your relatives will be rearranging their schedules to be at Escape Frenzy with you.
  • Many church groups use escape rooms to strengthen fellowships and bonding.

Whatever the occasion, Escape Frenzy will make it special, fun, and memorable.

Escape Frenzy…you haven’t lived until you’ve tried to escape!