The Haunted House

Escape Room Theme: The Haunted House

The Haunted House Puzzle Room

After an unproductive round with the Ouija Board, you challenge your friends to the ultimate dare – going into a haunted house. You drive the group to the edge of the city down the winding driveway of the abandoned Salem place. Six consecutive families died in this house and the most recent couple simply vanished. After dozens of bizarre sightings by locals, no one goes near this haunted house. You come over a hill and you swear you saw a shadow move across the window as the house comes into view. You gather your friends and all your courage for this thrill of a lifetime. Halfway through you realize getting out may be harder than getting in. Can you escape before you become the next victim?

Rave Reviews

Birthday party with a huge group

Did a Birthday Party with a huge group 3 weeks ago. Had an absolute blast. AND we escaped! Kudos to Escape Frenzy for a great time! Will definitely be back.

Craig T.

Fun, challenging, and an overall wonderful experience

After doing both the “Haunted House” and “Pirate’s Revenge” rooms, my friends and I highly recommend Escape Frenzy. Fun, challenging, and an overall wonderful experience.

Jerie S.

Fun to do with friends

Lots of fun and challenging puzzles. Always a different story. Fun to do with friends.

David R.

One of the best

One of the best escape room establishments I’ve been to so far.

Nicholas C.

It was a blast.

We did this as a family as part of our mystery day and it was a blast! We did the haunted house puzzle and it was just right, hard enough to really challenge but not impossible. The facility was really nice and clean, and the staff was really friendly. I’ve done escape rooms before but this is by far my favorite!

Malindi V.

An absolute blast!

Had an absolute blast! Great time with great friends. Makes you think outside the box.

Nina C.

Challenging family event

This was a fun, challenging family event. The staff was very friendly and excited to set us up for success. We will definitely go back and try one of the other rooms.

Victoria M.

Loved the Escape Frenzy experience

Our family loved the Escape Frenzy experience. We received a warm welcome and great intro from the owner. The Haunted House was fun & tricky & a great challenge. It’s so exciting when you find a clue. The hints we got helped us along w/out giving too much away. We can’t wait to go back & try another room!

Susanna D.

See if you have what it takes

Good place to see if you have what it takes to escape as a group

Jon K.

10/10 recommend

The room was incredibly fun and my group had a great time! Would 10/10 recommend going and will DEFINITELY be returning.

Emily H.

Solve puzzles and work together

I went with my son and his friends. It was a great place to watch a team of people try to solve puzzles and work together.

Daniel T.

We will definitely be back.

We did the Haunted House room which was really well done. We actually had to enter the house and it had some amazing props and tricks that I didn’t even think were possible. The puzzles were challenging but the control room operator helped us with subtle clues so we could figure it out ourselves. The staff was friendly and the lobby and bathrooms were clean! We will definitely be back.

Linda S.

Very intellectually challenging

I had a GREAT time here! It was very intellectually challenging but a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to go back and try the other rooms.

Felicia D.

Loved it loved it loved it!

Loved it loved it loved it! The puzzles were not super easy. It was just 2 of us so it seemed even more challenging. The clues are extremely helpful. The most fun I’ve had in a long time. We need more such unique entertainment in the Twin Cities. I highly recommend this establishment.

Debsy R.

One of the best.

One of the best escape room establishments I’ve been to so far.

Nicholas C.

Escape Frenzy did a great job

We went as a family with 10 and 12 year kids and got put in a room with 6 others. It was a super fun and challenging experience. Escape Frenzy did a great job. We were only 1 clue shy of solving the final mystery. We definitely want to go back and try the other rooms. I would highly recommend!

Jill N.

It made us work as a team

After a long year and a hard project, our team at work wanted to find a way to relax on a Friday afternoon. After a long 1 hour meeting to figure out what we wanted to do, we all decided on a escape room. Since our office is just down the road, we wanted to try out Escape Frenzy. After showing up and finding out we were in a Haunted House….many thought on how to scare our coworker! This room… Read more “It made us work as a team”

Michael H.