Special Events

Birthday Party: Adults are never too old to have a birthday, especially when it’s doing something that’s fun and exhilarating. Don’t feel old opening that lame pair of socks. Tell them you want a party worth remembering and book a room with your friends and family.


Teen Birthday Party: We can accommodate teen parties. Most teens won’t admit they would still enjoy a party, but when it’s something awesome like an escape room with their friends, they’ll be all over it. Give them one more memorable party and you’ll still be the cool parents (at least for a few hours). Rooms will be more challenging for teens, but we can increase the number of hints so they don’t get frustrated. Teen parties for 13-14 year old need to have a parent in the room while they play. Teen parties for 15-17 year olds, just need a parent to sign waivers and check them in. Sorry, but we don’t have a room for cake and balloons, which would mortify them anyway.


Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: Start your last night of freedom out with a something you will all remember for years to come. It’s a special night to celebrate, let us help get the party started.


Gender Reveal Party: This up and coming trend is a great way to bring family and friends together to celebrate the excitement of your new baby. We can make a day filled with fun and great memories. We can work with you to incorporate the revealing into the final solution of room if you would like. It adds some extra motivation and desire to figure out of exciting puzzles.


Family Reunions/Get Together: Don’t sit around listening to aunt Myrtle drone on about her petunias or uncle Stan tell you how much gas was in 1953. Lock them in a room and watch their heads spin trying to figure out where the clue next is. Laugh, scream, and create some lasting memories together. Who knew hanging out with family could actually be fun.


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