Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can be in a room?

Our rooms can hold up to 10 players.

How long does each session last?

Games run for 60 minutes, so be sure to use the restroom before you begin.

Are there any age restrictions?

Our rooms and puzzles are designed for adults. Even pre-teens will struggle to solve the clues, but will enjoy the experience especially if they are with adults.


  • Kids ages 10-15 are allowed to play with an adult in the room.
  • Teens 16 and 17 can play without a parent, however a parent does need to sign them in and sign the waiver.
  • Children 9 and younger are not allowed unless it is a private party and family has booked the entire room.
Are we locked in the room?

Don’t worry you can get out at any time if need be, but to experience the fun we recommend you stay inside the room for the duration.

How much does it cost?

Each 60 minute session is $26.95 plus tax


Prices for private games and events vary, please contact us for pricing.

Where are you located?

5585 West 78th St. Edina, MN 55439

(tel) 952-941-9999


We are just off 494 and East Bush Lake Rd. Take East Bush Lake Rd north and turn west onto W. 78th St. Then turn left on Cecilia Circle (2nd Stoplight). We are the first building on your left.

Do we need 10 players to book?

No, you can have any numbers of players. If you don’t have 10 players, you may be paired up with others players to a maximum of 10 in a room. If you don’t wish to play with other groups, you will need to purchase all 10 tickets for your game.

Can we schedule a time outside what is listed on the website?



If you want to schedule a private party, special event, or corporate activity, just contact us and we can discuss the details of what you are looking for and whether there will be a private booking fee and/or a minimum ticket purchase required. Private events can have additional players if needed, as our rooms and puzzles can accommodate the added people.

Are walk-in's allowed?

Walk-in’s are not recommended. Often our rooms are booked, especially on weekends. It’s best to call or check online.


That said, if you want to roll the dice, stop in and see if there are any spots available.

What happens if we are stuck and can't finish the puzzle?

All our rooms are equipped with a hint button and have monitors in the room that our game master can display clues for your group. You are only allowed so many clues per game.


If you can’t solve the room in the time allotted, the game master will come in at the end to debrief and help explain the part of the game you missed.

What is the success rate and can I try a room again?

Success rates vary per room but are about 17-26%. All escape room games are challenging and those who succeed often do so with only minutes left on the clock.


Players typically do not play the same game another time. If they wish to do so, they can ask the game master not to explain the rest of the clues.


If you want to play a room again, you will need to book the entire room so you are not spoiling the game for new players by quickly solving the initial clues.

Do I need to bring anything?

You won’t need anything except your wits about you. If pen and paper are needed, we will supply them. Cell phones and bags are not allowed in the rooms.


We have secure storage lockers for all your belongings just outside the room.

Can I bring my baby or a pet?

As a courtesy to other players, children under 10 are not allowed, unless you are booking an entire room and the other players in your group are fine with it.


Pets are not allowed. If you have a service animal, please contact us directly to discuss the accommodations of this need.

Are the games physical in nature?

No, our games require Brains, not Braun.


You do move around a lot in search of clues for the puzzles, but strength and agility are not needed. There is no real seating to speak of in the game rooms, so be prepared to move around and solve puzzles for the hour.

Can people with disabilities play?



Our rooms are accessible for wheel chairs and they can move about the room. Please feel free to give us a call and let us know the nature of your disability and we can discuss any limitations the rooms may have and make recommendations to maximize enjoyment.

Are the rooms scary?

Our C.S.I. and The Haunted House rooms do have murder and horror related themes and content. That said, we guarantee you will not be possessed by demons in our rooms.


Know your level of sensitivity to content and choose your rooms accordingly.

Can I change my reservation or get a refund?

You can change your reservation so long as you contact us 48 hours prior to the start of your scheduled game.


There are no refunds and all sales are final.

Do you have any tips or suggestions?

Here are the best tips we can give you:

  • Communication is key – Talk and share clues with teammates.
  • Work together – Try to divide and conquer when you can. The clock is ticking.
  • Explore – There are clues everywhere.
  • Be creative – Thinking outside the box is how you are going to defeat our games.
  • Wits about you – If you are going out for drinks, do it after the game. You will need to be sharp if you are going to win.
  • Never give up!
What are the rules?
  • No brute force is need to solve the puzzles.
  • Don’t move heavy objects. Nothing will require a moving company to solve the game.
  • Do not climb on furniture.
  • Do not try to pick or force any locks.
  • No cell phones or bags in the rooms.
  • Be on time for your game. If you are more than 5 minutes late for the start of your game, you will not be allowed to enter as it is disruptive to the game underway. No refunds or exchanges are allowed for arriving late.
  • If you break any of props or puzzles using brute force or reckless behavior, you will be liable to pay for damages.
  • No intoxication – If you appear under the influence you will not be allowed in the room. This will be determined at staff discretion. There will be no refunds or exchanges in this situation. We take safety very seriously.