Team Building

Team Building

Progressive and innovative organizations are looking for new venues and experiences to bring their staff together, strengthen bonds, foster comradery, and improve teamwork. No more stuffy life coaches in dry conference rooms asking how that made you feel. Give your employees an affordable real-life interactive experience they will never forget. Bring them together to try to solve a series of puzzles and clues, where the only way they can succeed is by working together.

Build a Successful Team

Escape Frenzy games are designed for intense cooperation among team members. The great part? Our escape room games are not like the stereotypical “team building” events that may come to mind when you hear the words. While team members solve clues to escape the room, they will work through various strengths and weaknesses to better understand each other. It’s the perfect way for the office or organization you’re a part of to get together for a high-quality team building experience.

So get out of the conference room and see why Escape Frenzy is the ultimate team-building atmosphere. Group members will have fun working with one another to find each clue and solve each puzzle. And we promise, our escape rooms are a lot more fun than trust falls!

The Value and Benefits of an Escape Room Team Building Event

  • Communication: Our rooms force players to share ideas and information to be successful. Drive, determination, and excellent communication are the keys to success in this event.
  • Leadership: Multiple tasks need to be completed at the same time to finish within the allotted time. Watch your group delegate, listen, and facilitate the division of tasks to see if they can come together. Find out who rises to the challenge and shows their true potential while their skills are put to the test in a new situation.
  • Problem Solving: Very few groups successfully escape the room in 60 minutes. See if your team can get organized, use logic, critical thinking, prioritizing, analysis, sequencing, and multitasking in order to come out successful. Either way, they will be able to examine what worked well and what didn’t.
  • Creativity: Solving our escape rooms requires you to think outside the box, try out absurd ideas, and take risks to try new things.
  • Cooperation: The ultimate goal is to strengthen your group’s ability to work together, collaborate, see each other in a new light and develop a fresh perspective and appreciation for each other.

When you visit, all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and your brain! When you arrive, Escape Frenzy will provide each group their escape room details and guidelines so they will be fully prepared before entering each room. Now’s the time to give your team this opportunity to build cohesion so they are ready for whatever challenges come their way in the future!

Can you escape?

Escape Frenzy is the one-of-a-kind escape challenge for your company or organization’s team members to enjoy. You can choose from our four mysterious themed rooms to start your adventure. Does your organization have what it takes to escape? Contact us about planning your next team building activity today!

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