Corporate Outings

Corporate Outings

Looking for a new and exciting way to spruce up your company’s annual holiday party or routine outing? Escape Frenzy is the ultimate escape room attraction for corporate events, offering an interactive and challenging environment for team-building. When your company partakes in any of our challenging escape room games, you’ll not only have the chance to discover clues and solve puzzles, you’ll learn more about your teammates as well. No matter how large or small your company’s group, figure just $29.95 per person.

  • Teamwork comes first. Escape Frenzy’s escape rooms foster constructive collaboration for all party members. The placement of the room’s clues, as well as the puzzles you must solve, allow teammates to come together, share ideas, and work as a team. Trust us when we say, you won’t be able to solve all the puzzles and escape your room without the minds of your teammates!
  • Fun, yet difficult challenges. Each of the puzzles and challenges will align perfectly with the room’s theme and mystery, making for a more seamless experience. Throughout the game, you will be required to think critically about how each strategically-placed object in the room should be used to uncover hidden clues and escape.
  • Every room is different. Escape Frenzy has four different escape room mysteries, meaning there is a new challenge every time. We don’t reuse puzzles or clues, so every single experience is unique, depending on the room. Trust us when we say, you’ll be wanting to come back for more!

When you visit, you won’t have to be limited to only one room. If you wish to bring a large number of people to your company’s outing, we can divide everyone into teams and assign them different rooms! Companies who have visited love our team vs. team approach! And the moment the company’s first team beats the game? Sweet victory.

Perfect for Team Building

Just like in the workplace, success at Escape Frenzy requires teamwork and communication. Escape Frenzy is perfect for your company’s next team building event because all members of each team will need to work as one to achieve a common goal. But can they do that while also having a blast? Of course! Get your team(s) together to experience any of Escape Frenzy’s unique games and gain insight about your team synergy you thought never existed before.

  • Foster teamwork. Each team will learn how to effectively delegate tasks to help group members stay on track to solve the room’s mysteries. With everyone working toward the same goal, a well-synced group is sure to succeed.
  • Improve communication. There are many hard-to-find clues and puzzles to solve in each room, meaning teammates must communicate effectively if there’s any chance of escaping. Utilize these communication skills to spot leadership capabilities, stewardship, and spirit in your employees.
  • Learn in a fun environment. What better way to build a group of leaders than in an escape room adventure? Team building is a process where members should feel motivated to perform better. What better way to do that than an escape room?

Do you have what it takes to escape?

Escape Frenzy is the one-of-a-kind escape challenge for your company’s team members to enjoy. Choose from our four themed rooms full of mystery and adventure. If your colleagues need an escape, contact us about planning your next corporate outing today!

A: Corporate America has embraced escape rooms. Our escape room puzzles and tasks require communication, creativity, problem solving, leadership, and cooperation. All the things you are trying to foster in your group.
A: We can accommodate up to 60 people playing at one time.
A: All team members will have 60 minutes to try to solve the escape room.
A: Any employees who have not already submitted a waiver, will sign one. Personal belongings can be securely stored if needed. Each group will meet their game master, be escorted to their room, watch a brief introductory video explaining rules and the narrative of the room, and then the clock starts. After the time ends, the game master will return to debrief the group and answer any questions.
A: For safety and security room doors are not actually locked.
A: We are located in Edina, just off 494 and E. Bush Lake Road.
A: Yes, most corporate team building events are scheduled during regular business hours. Just let us know your preferences.
A: These games require brains, not brawn. There is no crawling or jumping involved. All our games are also handicap accessible.
A: We require full payment at the time of booking. We accept credit cards, and company checks provided in advance of game day.

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