The Haunted House

The Haunted House

After an unproductive round with the Ouija Board, you challenge your friends to the ultimate dare – going into a haunted house. You drive the group to the edge of the city down the winding driveway of the abandoned Salem place. Six consecutive families died in this house and the most recent couple simply vanished. After dozens of bizarre sightings by locals, no one goes near this haunted house. You come over a hill and you swear you saw a shadow move across the window as the house comes into view. You gather your friends and all your courage for this thrill of a lifetime. Halfway through you realize getting out may be harder than getting in. Can you escape before you become the next victim?

How it works

  • Upon arrival
    When you arrive for your escape room adventure, a friendly staff member will check you in and ask you to sign a waiver (only necessary if you did not sign the waiver online). You can relax in our spacious lobby and watch video clips of the Escape Frenzy experience while you wait for your entire party to arrive. Once your entire team has arrived, you will watch a video on the game rules of the escape room you’ve chosen. Finally, your game master will bring you into your themed room so you can start your escape. Don’t worry about your personal belongings! You can lock your personal items away (purses, phones, coats, etc.) in one of our secure trunks.
  • Let the fun begin
    Once inside your themed room, you will watch one final introduction video of the room, which will give you its background and story. The minute the video ends, your 60-minute countdown timer starts! Your objective: to work with your teammates to search the room for clues that will help you solve a series of interconnected puzzles. Throughout the hour-long quest, your game master will be watching and listening from the control room to help offer hints and clues as needed. Remember: the best route to escaping the room is to communicate with your teammates! The best players work together.
  • After the game
    Once the game is complete, your game master will come back to the room and answer any of your questions and explain anything you may have missed. We’ll bring you back to the lobby, where we’ll take a fun group photo you can share on social media—feel free to tag your friends! You can also head to our Facebook, Google, Yelp, or even Trip Advisor page to leave a review of your experience. And if you decide you want to try a different room, feel free to come experience Escape Frenzy again!
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Try to Escape

Each room can hold up to 10 team members, though we recognize not all visiting groups will have this many guests. We recommend each group have a minimum of four members to increase your chances of winning. Questions regarding the Escape Frenzy adventure? Contact us for more information.

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