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Minimum Players: Although there is no minimum, we recommend at least 4 players per game to increase your chances of winning.
Price per Player: $29.95
Room Capacity: Each game can have up to 10 Players. Note that if you do not book the entire room, you may end up playing with other people.
** If you wish to have the room for your group only, you must purchase all tickets for the entire room capacity. You do not, however need to have the maximum number of participants attending.
Arrive Early: These are live action events and must start on time. Once a game is under way, late comers cannot join part way through. Please arrive early to check in. Plan for Traffic – 494 and East Bush Lake Rd is often congested with traffic so be sure to plan extra time. The time selected below, is the time the game starts. Refunds and rescheduling will not be granted for late arrivals.
Keep Rooms a Mystery: Please do not reveal clues or puzzles to others.
All sales are final: There are no refunds, exchanges, or rescheduling permitted within 48 hours of your start time.
Additional Room Times: If you do not see a time convenient for you, please contact us directly to see about other times available.
Sign a Waiver: Make sure you fill out our online waiver for each participant prior to arriving.

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