About Us

About Us

Will you escape in 60 minutes? Experience fun, entertaining, and real-life adventure games in one of Escape Frenzy’s four escape rooms. When the door closes behind you, you and your fellow group members will be immersed in another world full of mystery. The objective is simple: you and your teammates will work together to find clues, decipher codes, and solve a series of puzzles in your themed room. Be sure to use your time wisely!

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend your Saturday night with friends or want to bring your employees for a team-building day, Escape Frenzy’s rooms are great for EVERYONE! Using your critical thinking skills in the limited amount of time makes for an exciting, heart-pounding experience you’ll never forget. Bring the story together, solve the mystery, and of course, escape.

Escape rooms are great for everyone!

Friends and family
Want a unique experience you won’t soon forget? Come have fun and create awesome memories with your loved ones!

Visitors and tourists
Need a break from the sun and Midwest humidity? How about the cold and snow in the winter? Come inside and let us give you an adventure.

Couples and dates
You’ve done dinner, movies, theater, and sporting events; now you can surprise your significant other with a special night to remember.

Time to unplug and see if you can beat the real thing. Apply all those gaming skills, and show them what you can do.

Parties and celebrations
Your guests will love this unique twist on a classic party or get together. Book a room and start your party off in style!

Corporate events
Bring the team together and put them to the test. It’s time to see what your group is really made of.

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During our mandatory closure by order of the Governor of MN please click here to purchase a gift certificate to be used at a later date.
Thank you for your support of our small business and we look forward to seeing you soon!