The Search For Atlantis

It is absolutely fascinating to imagine a sophisticated and progressive culture around the time of the ancient Greeks purported to possess advanced knowledge and technology.

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Where Did You Go Wrong?

Escape Rooms are tons of fun, so you really can’t lose when you have a blast. That said, some people really want the cherry on top and are intent on walking away with a win under their belt.

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Pirate’s Revenge

At Escape Frenzy we went above and beyond to design you a bona fide looking pirate’s lair. Players routinely tell us how authentic it is and how it feels so real. Our pirate escape room will stir up your intrigue and awe.

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Weekend Plans

My wife wants to go shopping for some new shoes – Nope! My husband wants to go mountain biking – Not going to happen. She wants to ride horses by the water – This isn’t a romance novel.

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Date Night

Whether you are newly dating or been married for years, finding a fun date night activity is always a challenge. Going to the movies – no chance to talk or interact, a date night failure. Mini golf – we’re not seventeen year olds.

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Happy Fourth of July

Get ready to celebrate the fourth of July this coming weekend! It is a time to honor our freedom and independence. It is a time to spend with family and friends to enjoy a good time.

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School’s Out!

June has arrived and school’s out! Nothing signifies the start of summer like the end of school. You kids have been working hard all year long and deserve a treat.

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Away we go

Permits are pulled, materials bought, and construction is underway.

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I Want To Live!

Adulthood looked so appealing when we were kids. We want nothing more than to hurry up and grow up so we could do all the fun stuff adults got to do. Ahh, to be young and naïve.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow is making his return this coming weekend with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. This much anticipated movie gets everyone in the mood to grab their cutlass, hurl some insults at the closest scurvy dog, and go in search of some doubloons.

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