Why All The Secrecy?

There is certainly an air of mystery and intrigue around escape rooms, which adds to the suspense and excitement.

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Talk Like A Pirate Day

Tuesday September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! At Escape Frenzy, this is practically a major holiday.

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Gender Reveal Party

Finding out the gender of your baby is one of those memories that will stand out in your mind forever.

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My Escape

Let’s face it, life as an adult can be both boring and stressful at the same time.

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Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

There is no better reason to celebrate than when you are getting married. Spending time having fun with your friends and family is all part of the celebration. Having a bachelor/bachelorette party is a rite of passage before you tie the knot.

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Back to School

The kids are moaning and groaning while parents are rejoicing the return of school. Summer is nearly over, Labor Day will be here soon, and then it’s back to school.

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Escape The State Fair

The great Minnesota get together! What could be better than driving an hour through traffic to look for a parking spot 15 blocks away from the fair?

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There’s a Stranger in My Room

Every escape room is a unique and amazing experience for players, but we occasionally get some people who call and are worried about having to play with another group of strangers.

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Happy Birthday

We all fondly remember birthday parties from our childhood: bowling, swimming, bounce houses, or roller skating. These were outings that made our childhood magical.

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Escape Rooms – Are They Really Worth It?

You’ve probably been hearing more and more about these escape room experiences and exit games. You might be thinking this is for odd balls who like getting locked up in a room and enjoy trying to solve their way out.

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