Ouija Tales

People have long been suspicious of the Ouija Board and whether it is a conduit to the great beyond. Many believe disgruntled and evil spirits utilize the Ouija to send messages and reach across to our world in order to terrorize the innocent once more.

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Friday The 13TH

Friday the 13th typically only comes around twice a year, and what better month for it to occur than in October. Friday the 13th inspired the now famous horror movie series starring the villain Jason Voorhees and his hockey mask bringing nightmares to viewers around the world.

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Iconic Haunted Houses

Every generation has horror movies that stand out and some that even become legend. Many of these movies were about haunted houses that drove people mad or killed them.

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A Haunted House Tale

Most of us have had sat around with friends and told stories of the supernatural that we have heard, and a surprising number of people have their own personal experiences that have happened to them.

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The Origin Of Halloween

October is here and it is time to gear up for that odd holiday we have come to love – Halloween. We figured we would research where it all started and it turns out the origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).

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Don’t Let Life Escape You

There seems to be a universal distortion of time that everyone experiences all around the world. For children time crawls along at a snail’s pace.

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I Just Want to Escape

Oh great, it’s Monday. Time to wake up at the crack of dawn, blindly shower and try to dress appropriately for the meeting today that you still aren’t prepared for.

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Escape Hatch

Every submarine is built with an escape hatch so the crew can get out in the event of an emergency. Escape Frenzy’s immersive rooms actually put you into our submarine as you voyage toward The Search for Atlantis.

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Why All The Secrecy?

There is certainly an air of mystery and intrigue around escape rooms, which adds to the suspense and excitement.

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Talk Like A Pirate Day

Tuesday September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! At Escape Frenzy, this is practically a major holiday.

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