Narrowly Escaped

I was pulled off on the shoulder, muttering under my breath, watching the lights spin in the rearview mirror; when suddenly the cop came running up to my window threw my driver’s license at me and told me to slow it down.

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Escape Key

There are a few old timers around who remember when computers finally became affordable enough for home use. In the top left corner of the keyboard was the “ESC” key. Early on the escape key was used often to cancel or leave a running program or close a pop up window.

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Halloween Eve?

All Hallows Eve? No, that’s tomorrow. This is Halloween Eve, although there really is no such thing. We are just here on another Monday, the saddest day of the week, trying to make life a little more exciting.

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Halloween 2017

Another year has come and gone and you are poised for what could be another Ground Hog’s day experience where you simply do the same thing you did last year and bring those orange frosted cookies to work and then sit home with bag of candy that you eat half of waiting for trick or treaters to ring the doorbell. How about something new and exciting this year?

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Where Did Trick or Treating Come From?

Groups of kids running around banging on doors and getting a bunch of candy? Who thinks up this crap? Turns out the Irish and Scottish may be to blame for your hefty Halloween candy bill.

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Demon in the House

Most haunted houses are thought to be terrorized by either the deceased who may create some eerie but largely benign noises, or evil spirits often referred to as demons who have a much more maleficent and sinister desire for vengeance.

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Send Shivers Down My Spine – Please!

Being fearful and afraid doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, so why do we watch horror movies, jump out of airplanes, and go all out on Halloween to scare the crap out of ourselves?

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Ouija Tales

People have long been suspicious of the Ouija Board and whether it is a conduit to the great beyond. Many believe disgruntled and evil spirits utilize the Ouija to send messages and reach across to our world in order to terrorize the innocent once more.

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Friday The 13TH

Friday the 13th typically only comes around twice a year, and what better month for it to occur than in October. Friday the 13th inspired the now famous horror movie series starring the villain Jason Voorhees and his hockey mask bringing nightmares to viewers around the world.

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Iconic Haunted Houses

Every generation has horror movies that stand out and some that even become legend. Many of these movies were about haunted houses that drove people mad or killed them.

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