Easter Escape

Easter has great memories for most of us that started in childhood. We couldn’t wait for Easter morning to arrive so we could go in search of our Easter Baskets or go out into the yard to look for eggs.

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Real Life Gaming

Gamers have had an integral role in the development of escape rooms. Many of the video games going back to the 1980’s and forward were point and click adventure games that required players to explore locations, find objects and combine items to solve puzzles by giving commands to the computer.

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Special Event Parties

Escape Frenzy is the perfect venue for your next party event. Your special day will be memorable with our live action entertainment.

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Tipping The Scales

Escape rooms are built and designed to be difficult, confusing, and challenging. It wouldn’t be much of a puzzle if they weren’t.

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Spring Fever

With a two week teaser in the 50-60’s, most of us can’t wait to get out and start living again. Being cooped up from the cold starts to grate on the nerves with boredom driving us practically insane.

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The History of Escape Rooms

Are escape rooms a new concept just recently born? As it turns out, the answer is no. The first escape room activity goes back about 10 years to a company in Kyoto, Japan called SCRAP.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s time to show your sweetheart how much you love them. The pressure is on to make this holiday memorable. Flowers and dinner are a great start, but will be quickly forgotten in no time.

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My First Escape Room Experience

Myself and five friends all showed up early to sign in for our first ever escape room. We were paired up with four other people who were pleasant enough. I was a little worried I’d look stupid in front of them not knowing what to do, but they never even noticed.

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Super Sunday Escape

The big game will be here on Sunday February 5th, which is just around the corner. Many of us wait all year for this party to hang out with friends and have a great time together.

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Cabin Fever

If you live in Minnesota in January, you are probably wondering why. Black ice, shoveling snow, 20 below wind chill, painfully slow traffic, and no sunshine. What are we thinking?

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