Few things are more rewarding than making memories with your family. The time you spend together is valuable, and there are few family experiences that offer more fun for everyone like family game night. There is nothing like the bonding that happens when you play together. At Escape Frenzy in Minneapolis, we have just the ticket for the perfect family game night. Take your family game night to the next level by working through one of our four exciting escape rooms together as a team.


Escape Room Fun for Families of All Sizes

Escape Frenzy escape rooms offer the perfect family fun night for a family of any size. If you have a large family, you probably know how difficult it can be to find activities that accommodate your entire group. Escape rooms are big enough to accommodate up to ten people per room, which means even the Brady Bunch would have a great time in one of our four fun escape rooms.


Each session runs for 60 minutes, making an escape room visit the perfect destination for an evening out. Because all of our clues are meant to challenge the mind, we require that everyone joining in the escape be at least 13 years or older.


Here’s a hint of the fun our rooms offer:

●        Interconnected puzzles

●        Hints

●        Clues

●        Secrets

●        Mysteries


Pirate’s Revenge Escape Room

Arrr, matey! All hands on deck for our pirate adventure! Whether your family is a bunch of swashbucklers or landlubbers, our Pirate’s Revenge room offers a seafaring adventure you won’t soon forget. You and your kin will be transformed into a group of rowdy buccaneers for this exciting escape room. Your family will have one hour to recover your gold and treasure from the lair of Captain Hawkins and his swashbuckling rogues.


The Search for Atlantis Escape Room

If your family is more of the explorer variety, our Search for Atlantis escape room offers the perfect evening of family fun. Explore hidden sites on a quest for the lost civilization of Atlantis. You and your family will try to uncover the secrets to this mythical culture before your oxygen runs out. Can you learn the true mysteries of Atlantis before your time runs out?


Mysterious Escape Room

If murder mystery and forensics is more your speed, we’ve got just the remedy. Mafia corruption, murder, and intrigue run amok in our CSI escape room. Take your passion for true crime files to the next level as you plunge headfirst into crime scene investigation. Play the role of the hero, and lock away the head of the mob for good before he comes after you.


Haunted Escape Room

If you like something a little spookier or are in the mood for a few thrills and chills, check out our Haunted House escape room. You will have one hour to solve the mysteries of Salem Place before you become the home’s next victim. The last people to tangle with this house disappeared for good—can you make it in time?


Minnesota Escape Room Fun

If you’re ready to get your kids off the sofa and away from electronic devices, an escape room offers the perfect next-level family game night. Create magic together and make memories you won’t soon forget as you work through an adventure as a team. Whether you are sailing the seven seas or creeping around a haunted mansion, you will be having a blast together. To schedule your family game night, give us a call at 952.941.9999, or book your room online.