The leaves are beginning to fall, and there is a chill in the air. The nights are getting long and dark as the Halloween season is upon us. Nothing gets your blood pumping and your heart racing like the thrill of a haunted house. The creek of the floorboards, a shadow moving in the corner, something fell over in the next room, and the lights begin to dim.


The best way to make your haunted house experience even more exhilarating is to be locked in with only an hour to escape. You will have to keep your adrenaline and fear in check in order to search for clues and solve the puzzles so you can escape. At Escape Frenzy we combine the challenge of an escape room with the Haunted House layout and design that will send chills up your spine. Nothing screams Halloween like a haunted house experience.


Step outside of the normal Halloween activities and bring your gang of goons and goblins in for a night they won’t forget. A haunted house escape room at Escape Frenzy combines the classic fun and spookiness of Halloween while making it a more immersive activity.


Book Your Haunted House Escape Room

This Halloween, come to Escape Frenzy. Gather your friends and brace yourself for an adventure you can share around the campfire. Book your Haunted House adventure now before you find yourself missing out this Halloween.


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