When it comes to birthday parties, one always wants to find something that not only satisfies the birthday person but creates lasting memories. Thankfully, escape rooms can do just that. Here's a look at why you should schedule an escape room for your next birthday party.


Birthday Brain Games

One of the major perks that comes with an escape room experience is that it gets those gears in your brain turning. That's right, escape rooms help participants develop their problem-solving skills - sometimes without their knowledge. For example: In order to win, one must solve a series of puzzles in a certain time frame. So in order to succeed in an escape room environment, you (and your party) will have to think fast in order to progress.


Working Together

What's great about birthday parties is that they bring people together. Since escape rooms are built (and more fun) for more than one person, it makes perfect sense to throw your birthday party in an escape room with your closest friends and family. Escape rooms encourage groups to work together and decipher puzzles, so it's likely that you'll find something new about your party - and how they handle stress.


Getting Creative

Escape rooms allow the birthday person (and guests) to get creative and utilize their imagination. How? Well, escape rooms require one to think outside of the box if they plan on solving the given puzzles.


Birthday Goals

Kicking off a birthday party with a goal is an excellent way to enter another year of one's life. Escape rooms do exactly that, as they make you set smaller goals to achieve the main objective (escaping the room). It's highly rewarding.


A Smart, Engaging Birthday

The idea of being transported to a new setting and being left to figure out an escape is incredibly appealing. This is especially true if you're experiencing such circumstances with people you know. Since everyone on your team has a shared goal, it's highly likely that you and your party will have a stronger bond - regardless if you escape the room or not.


Scheduling an escape room for your birthday party is an excellent idea! Thankfully, Escape Frenzy is here to set you up with an escape room for your next birthday party. Contact us today for more information.