It’s time once again to start planning your office or organization holiday party. Instead of serving up awkward conversation, calorie overloads, and disappointing Secret Santa gifts this year, consider hosting an event everyone will be talking about for months.


Escape room parties are the latest trend in holiday parties. Rather than tired conversation over catered carbs, escape rooms offer a group the chance to chase down a themed mystery by working together to solve puzzles. Check out these three great reasons to book an escape room party at Escape Frenzy in the Twin Cities for your holiday party this season.


Completely Unique Experience

A Minneapolis escape room holiday party is easily the most interesting holiday party your guests will attend this year. Bing Crosby and fruitcake are wonderful, but an escape room party breaks out of the traditional for a completely different and memorable holiday experience. You and up to 10 of your colleagues or friends will file into one of several themed rooms. You will have exactly one hour to work out its mysteries and solve its puzzles until you complete your mission. A gamemaster will be on hand to offer hints at just the right time to help you along.


Check out one of these four escape rooms:

●        Pirate’s Revenge - Steal back your treasure from rival pirates before they send you to Davey Jones’ locker in our pirate escape room.

●        CSI - It’s up to your CSI unit to put away a notorious mobster once and for all with this crime scene escape room.

●        The Haunted House - In our haunted house escape room, players must escape from a haunted house before becoming its next victims.

●        The Search for Atlantis - Unlock the mysteries of the lost city of Atlantis before your oxygen runs out in our Atlantis escape room.


Escape Room for Team Building Exercise

Nothing builds comradery between cubicles like the experience of working together to escape a mythical sunken city or put away a mobster for good. An escape puzzle room is a perfect way to leverage your holiday merrymaking into a unique team building opportunity.


Solving an escape room means working through puzzles together, using good communication and cooperation. Too often, traditional team building exercises can feel forced and even cheesy. With an escape room, players get caught up in the experience, working together to beat the game. Up to 60 individuals can play at once, so bring the whole gang.


Incredible Fun

The best reason to book an Escape Frenzy escape room party for your next event is the opportunity for fun. Put aside adult responsibilities for a while and slip into the land of make-believe as raucous pirates. Become kids again as you tiptoe through the imaginary halls of a dark and gloomy haunted mansion. From the thrill of solving a clue to the belly laughs of stumbling through a room together, your escape room visit will be a true adventure.


Twin Cities Escape Room Party

If you’re in the planning stages of your annual party, escape the ordinary this year. Escape Frenzy offers the perfect Minneapolis escape room experience for a holiday party your guests will love. Schedule your holiday festivities and let the fun commence. To book your Escape Frenzy fun, contact us here or give us a call at 952-941-9999.