The great technological revolution has brought human civilization from centuries of a simple agricultural farming lifestyle of work and very little play, into the 21st century that is filled with new adventures and activities around every corner. With these great advancements, we have seen entertainment change across the generations. Our parents and grandparents were able to rest their weary bodies and lounge on their sofas while they listened to the radio or watched some television. Pretty impressive at the time.


For nearly five decades our society was content with these passive forms of entertainment where people could sit with the expectation of entertainment materializing before their eyes to amuse them for a period of time. They could escape the stressors of life for a while and retire to bed for the evening only to do it all over again the next day.


What some have come to discover is that they had little to show for this convenience. Besides the reprieve from work and worries, they had few memories of fun and enjoyment with those they loved. There is a new revolutionary shift that is beginning to occur. Our society, and certainly the newer generations, hunger and crave for more. They are not content to sit idly by and let the action be performed by others. They want to be the actors. They want to shape the experience and drive the outcome. They want the memory to be theirs, not someone else’s.


The modern American craves active entertainment. They want to gather with friends and family and engage in an event that generates a sense of experience that they can share with those they care about. They strengthen bonds and connections through shared experiences that are spontaneous and charged with excitement, and filled with variety and the unknown. Escape rooms are one of the first forms of active entertainment to come onto the scene that provide all of this and much more. You get to engage all your senses in a themed room, on a mission to race the clock, discover clues, solve puzzles, work together, and most importantly; create lasting memories.


Escape Frenzy has four enticing escape rooms where you can discover what memories are truly made of.  In our CSI, Haunted House, Pirate’s Revenge, and The Search for Atlantis escape rooms you remember what it means to be alive. Our rooms are designed for the maximum immersive experience.


Life isn’t a passive activity. Start living now and book at and realize that active matters. Discover the excitement you have been missing. Give your life meaning, purpose, excitement, and memories you can share for years to come. 


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