Seemingly overnight, escape rooms became a craze that gripped the nation and locked us away in a room to play sleuths with our friends. With many individuals being well aware of the appeal of escape rooms, odds are your boss or company has picked up on the trend as well... but for reasons you may have ignored. With this being said, here's a look at why employers love escape rooms:


1.      Escape Rooms Create Bonds

A shared experience can leave a lasting impact on a group of people, especially if the shared experience is fun. Whether it be going to the movies or sharing drinks after work, employees spending time together in a non-work setting allows us to be ourselves without the stress of day-to-day operations. This is especially true when it comes to escape rooms, since they inadvertently spur your survival instinct and make you (and your fellow work colleagues) want to solve the necessary puzzles for escape. Although the excitement is short, the bonds are very real.


2.      Escape Rooms Show Who is a Great Leader

If everyone is running around in the escape room without direction, it's likely that you and your group may not find the clues necessary to escape the room. However, if everyone is assigned a task or an area of the room to investigate, you can have an easier time covering more ground. If your escape party can micro-manage tasks and work together with one clear voice, the likelihood of escaping is considerably higher.


3.      Escape Rooms Make You Work Together As a Team

Since your group members are all sharing the same goal in a fun and exhilarating environment, working together is necessary for you and your group to escape the room. Long story short, the sigh of relief that comes after an escape feels even better when you achieve such a goal with the people you work with.


4.      Escape Rooms Make You Problem Solve

At a workplace, it's likely that most departments or work colleagues don't share every ounce of information with everyone. In an escape room, everyone is in the same area and has to share detailed information in order to escape. Brainstorming together not only allows you to share your opinion on a matter, but look at an issue from a different perspective.


Since businesses want their employees to perform to the best of their abilities, escape rooms have become the best way to help employers get their teams out of their shells and work together. So considering the information above, why not book an escape room today for your work colleagues in Minneapolis? Thankfully, Escape Frenzy offers just that service for you and your team. Contact us today for more information!