The Dog Days of Summer

Minnesotans wait the entire frozen winter for the summer to arrive. Once it does, we strip down to our shorts and swimsuits, play at the beach, go biking, golfing, and even do some gardening. We acquire a lovely tan that replaces our pasty pallor. This summer, the temperatures went from the enjoyable 70’s and 80’s to the scorching 90’s sooner and more frequently than we were ready for. Is it possible that the novelty of the sun and heat is starting to wear off?

The windows are closed, the air conditioning is on, and the electric bill is skyrocketing. Mowing the lawn seems to be more of a chore than the excellent work out it started out to be. Dunking yourself in a tub of sunblock in order to go outside is getting time-consuming and expensive. You haven’t seen the ice cream truck all summer and could use a squeegee at times to deal with the sweat factor. Sitting on the deck as the evening cools is accompanied by gnats and mosquitos with a relentless bloodthirst the likes of which horror movies could be made of. When you find yourself looking forward to that thunderstorm to bring the temperature down, you might be looking for a break from the dog days of summer.


Escape the Heat

So how can you get out, have fun with friends, and not have to worry about dehydration and heat stroke? Escape Frenzy has exactly what you are looking for! Our escape rooms get you out of the house, enjoying time with friends and air conditioning, and help you lose yourself in the fun of solving puzzles and clues. Breakout of the norm, try one our unique puzzle rooms and discover what memories are made of.

Escape Frenzy brings some of the most uniquely themed puzzle rooms to the Minneapolis area

  • CSI

  • Haunted House

  • Pirate’s Revenge

  • The Search for Atlantis


Our rooms are designed for maximum immersive experience and to encourage the bond between you and your team members.


Book Your Escape Room Today

Escape the heat of summer and book one of Escape Frenzy’s puzzle rooms today. Feel your adrenaline flowing as you race the clock to escape the room. Book now at and keep your summer fun rolling without the exhausting heat. You will be raving about this activity for weeks to come!


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You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to ESCAPE.