Why are escape rooms becoming more popular?

Long before the advent of all our awesome technology, people engaged and interacted together. They danced, they partied, and they talked face to face. It seems our human nature to conserve energy has lead us down a path of passive entertainment and consumption. These days we simply sit back and take it all in while things are done for us. We sit at the movies, see a comedian, attend a concert, play video games, pull out our phone, or watch TV. The average American home is watching 6-7 hours of TV a day.


That’s sad and pathetic.


We engage all these activities in hopes of arousing some sensation in our lives. We want to laugh, feel anticipation, excitement and more. If you really want to feel a thrill and live life, however, it’s time to stop being a bystander. Active entertainment is where you experience the show and the activity live in the moment. The feelings and sensations are much more intense because they are happening to you, rather than for you.

Escape rooms are the perfect example of active entertainment.

You get the opportunity to socialize with friends and family. You bond and solidify relationships as you actively solve puzzles and unravel a mystery together. Most importantly you walk away with memories that are enjoyable and lasting. Can you name one show you watched from last month? Do you even remember who won the Super Bowl two years ago? You will remember your escape room for many years to come, who was there, and what happened.

Step up, live life, and intensify your experiences.

Escape Frenzy…you haven’t lived until you try to escape!

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