Most people think of an escape room outing as something you would do with your close friends. You may have gone to an escape room as part of a birthday party or just a fun night out. Did you know escape rooms can cross from the social world to the corporate world? Not only are escape rooms fun and engaging, they encourage team building and improved morale. Let's dive into the details of why an escape room is a perfect idea for your next corporate outing.


Team Building


An outing to the escape room can help encourage corporate team building. In the escape room, it is important to make sure everyone is assigned a task. This helps get everyone in the group engaged. Further, managers and employees alike need to contribute to achieving overall success. Working together through the challenges of an escape room allows the group to collectively create a common goal and design the roadmap to achieve that goal. In the end, the success is shared by everyone because everyone was able to contribute. These same principles can be applied to the everyday workplace and the lessons learned will translate to your team.




When combined with a conference or quarterly meeting an escape room adventure can be a memorable experience. Time after time we hear stories from companies reporting their employees repeatedly ask them to return to the escape room. Working through the escape room helps to build lasting memories. People who may normally not interact with one another on a day to day basis may find commonalities and friendships from working together. The team can create a collective memory of the escape room which helps to build camaraderie and morale.




More than anything escape rooms are just fun! The process behind each challenge is thoughtful and engaging. Our four escape rooms have unique themes so your group can enjoy a new puzzle each time they return! There is no stress, no evaluation, and no judgment in the escape room. People are allowed to relax, laugh a little, and have fun with the process. Plus, escape rooms are great for all ages and ability levels so nobody feels left out.


At Escape Frenzy we want to make your next corporate outing a success. Whether this is your first time in an escape room or if you are a seasoned professional we are here to help your company build memories. Located in Edina, MN we are close to several companies both large and small. To learn more about our escape room themes we can offer, or to book your experience please contact us today. We look forward to helping your company build memories!