Escape rooms are quickly becoming America's favorite new source of entertainment. Almost every escape room is delivering the fundamentals of a storyline, puzzles to solve, and an enjoyable and interactive experience. As players are trying out various escape room establishments, they are starting to recognize the subtle, yet important differences that make for a better experience.


Experience the Difference

At Escape Frenzy, the difference is in the details. We strive to deliver the very best at every turn for you and your team. We stand out from the rest in a number of distinct ways.


1 | Getting Ready

Our parking is free, abundant, and right in front of our building. You won’t be driving around to find parking — we make it easy to get right to the fun! Our helpful and knowledgeable staff receive rave reviews on our commitment to making your escape room experience as best it can be. Our job isn’t done until you and your team have been successful at enjoying yourselves or solving the puzzle — or both!


2 | Unique Room Themes

Our four unique room themes are designed to be more than just an agent on another mission. Escape Frenzy spares no expense in room décor, design, and ambiance. Our rooms feature authentic props to fit the room’s theme and storyline, and as soon as your team closes the door, you’ll become engulfed in your game and forget other surroundings. The sights, sounds, and smells are there to make your experience the most immersive out there. All day long we listen to our players squeal with delight over our “wow” factors. Trap doors, secret compartments, and other surprises are what makes Escape Frenzy the superior escape room experience.


3 | Post Escape Room

Not only do our staff members prepare you for your game room, but they will also debrief with you afterward to ensure any questions are answered and explain anything you may have missed. We love to document our groups with photos which we share on social media, too. Our lobby also features clothing and gift cards for purchase!


Are You Up for the Challenge?

See for yourself why Escape Frenzy is the best in the Twin Cities! Located in Minneapolis and serving Edina, the Twin Cities, and the surrounding suburbs, we are here to make the difference in your next escape room experience! Book your escape room now and get ready to be amazed.


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