It's that time of the year again—time to celebrate all the graduates in your life! Whether it's a family member who's graduating from high school or your own child that's made it successfully through college, this is a momentous occasion that needs and deserves to be celebrated!

Graduate Gift Giving

Gift giving for graduates is an important way to acknowledge this unique event. While many graduates appreciate fairly generic gifts such as money, there are ways to make the experience more personal and more memorable. Below are all reasons why an escape room gift is perfect for the graduate in your life:

1. It Makes Memories

Parents aren't the only ones who feel a sense of bittersweetness when it comes to graduations. In spite of the eagerness of most graduates to put their schooling behind them, there is also a feeling of sadness as they close an important chapter in their lives. Giving a graduate a gift certificate to Escape Frenzy gives them the opportunity to gather their friends together for one last hurrah before they head off to college or to their first real jobs!

2. It Gets Them Out of the House

Sometimes high school graduates are difficult to buy gifts for because they aren't kids anymore, but they also aren't old enough to hit the bars to celebrate either. College students sometimes need a healthier alternative than the bar scene as well. Escape Frenzy provides a graduate with good, clean, and wholesome fun that's out of the ordinary for that special person in your life!

3. Make an Experience the Gift

Instead of adding material items to the life of the graduate you know, your gift could focus more on increasing the experiences they can have. Of course, most graduates have experiences all the time. Perhaps they go to the mall with their friends, go to a favorite pub after class, or to lunch with some coworkers. A gift certificate to an unusual experience makes the entire event more memorable. An escape room experience with several of the graduate's friends and/or family members is one sure-fire way to build memories and is something that will be remembered for years to come. Not only is there the challenge of finding your way out of the room that gets the brain working, but it also builds camaraderie among those who participate.

Escape Frenzy is the Twin Cities premier escape rooms. With four exciting rooms to choose from, we invite you to contact us now to gift an experience to your favorite grad!