In the workplace having a cohesive team can lead to unbound success. Studies have shown that having a group of employees that are happy, engaged, and working together toward an end goal can increase production, quality, and most importantly the lives of your employees while at work. Having your employees know they can accomplish a greater goal, while having some fun along the way by working as a team can make all the difference. Events, such as an escape room team building exercises, are a great way to do something out of the ordinary. Below, let's take a look at some tips to have a successful team building event.

1.      Find the Commonality

When starting a team building exercise, it is important to find the commonalities that everyone on the team shares. Typically they include:

●        Common Vision - What does it look like as we approach our end goal? What path do we take? It is important to make sure everyone shares the same vision. If not, be sure to discuss differences and embrace them.

●        Common Goals - What goals along the way must we accomplish to achieve our common vision? Goals should also be shared and measurable for everyone on the team.

If an employee does not agree with the final goal, or if they do not agree with the steps that must be accomplished to get there, then he or she will not be engaged with the team-building exercise.

2.      Responsibility

As part of a team, everyone must have a role. Make sure you have broken down every individual’s responsibility. It isn't fun if one person does all the work. Likewise, if a person is twiddling his or her thumbs then his or her role must not matter. Everyone must be involved and have assigned roles that help the team achieve the ultimate goal.

3.      Management

When we say everyone must be involved, this means everyone. Make sure that management is part of the team, no matter how high level. Knowing your managers are willing to jump into the exercise to help the team can translate to the workplace as well. Just like how your manager may have a dedicated responsibility in the escape room to help achieve the end goal, he or she has a dedicated role in the workplace as well.

4.      Complete and Repeat!

So many teams leave the escape room saying, "I wish we did stuff like this more often" or, "Let's do this again." The truth is the more you practice working as a team, the better you become. Be sure to make escape room team building events more than just a one time occurrence. Make it quarterly to keep your team working and thinking like one well oiled machine.


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