The game masters at Escape Frenzy are fantastic at their jobs and are here to help make sure you and your team have an awesome experience. Upon your arrival, one of our knowledgeable game masters will greet you with a smile, check you in, and bring your team to your room. Game masters will go over a few simple rules and some tips to prepare you for you adventure. Hint: you won’t need to climb into the ceiling or flip sofas in search of clues in the stuffing! They will also share some tips on how to go about your mission and increase your chances of success.

From there, they head back to the control room to monitor your entire experience. The game master wants to make sure you have fun and get to experience all the “wow” factors of the escape room your team is completing. Most players become so engrossed in searching the room for clues and trying to make sense of the puzzle that they quickly forget someone is watching and listening. If you are stuck, or obsessing about why page 200 in a book was dog eared, they will throw you a hint to get you moving again.


Your Game Master is Here for You!

At Escape Frenzy, your game masters are your guardian angels looking over you from up above and trying to help you escape the room and breakout before the clock runs out. Don’t worry about looking silly or saying something dumb, they have heard and seen some pretty amazing stuff. If you ask, they will happy to share some hilarious stories with you.


Are You Ready to Escape?

Escape Frenzy is the place to try out your first, or next, escape room experience! Come to visit us in Edina for some fun. Book one of our four escape rooms online or give us a call us at 952-941-9999 to learn about our availability. Escape games are booking fast!

Escape Frenzy. You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.

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