The world of imagination is alive and well, and it’s all at Escape Frenzy! Teens often believe their fun is only contained within a screen in their hands, but that is not the case. Get your kids off the tablet and on to a world of clues, puzzles, and mysteries in an escape room at Escape Frenzy!


Imagine being the detective in a murder investigation of a mobster. You have access to his safe house, and your teen and their friends have 60-minutes to gather enough evidence to put him behind bars. They will communicate and use their creativity to solve various clues and mysteries that make up the big picture. Your teen will develop their problem solving and leadership skills with each piece of the puzzle. Their ultimate goal is to ESCAPE the ROOM!


Our CSI room is only one of the four awesome escape rooms here at Escape Frenzy! We have other exciting options:


●        Haunted House. There’s no need to watch a scary movie because your teen can be a part of their own spooky experience inside our haunted house themed room.


●        Search for Atlantis. Your teen can live out their own adventures in our Atlantis themed room.


●        Pirate’s Revenge. They also have the opportunity to go treasure hunting before the pirates catch them in our Pirate’s Revenge room.


You can enjoy watching and participating with your teen as they use and build upon their analytical skills through each clue.


Bring your teen along with their friends to make a fun-filled room of 10, which is the maximum capacity of our rooms. If you don’t have 10 people, don’t worry! We can combine your party with another so they can work together on the mysteries. Our puzzles and games are designed with children ages 13+ in mind. Depending on your child’s age, you might need to be present in the room.


Has your teen ever told you they couldn’t live without their cell phone? Well, the lie detector test determined they can inside of our Escape Frenzy rooms! Cell phones and other personal belongings are not allowed in the rooms but can be stored safely in one of our lockers. 


If your teen uses a wheelchair, they will still be able to enjoy our escape games because our entire facility is wheelchair accessible. We just ask that you call us ahead of time so that we can ensure your child has the best experience possible. Please call us and let us know if your child has any other disabilities, and we will do our best to accommodate them.


We are located in Edina, MN. Contact us or call 952-941-9999 to reserve your escape room today!