It’s been one of those weeks. You found out the overpass is closed on your way to work Monday morning and it took an extra 20 minutes to get there; every day. Monday night your mother needed you to come over and help her find the remote control; for the VCR she can’t rent tapes for anymore. Tuesday your son informed you that you need to make a diorama of the universe using Rice Chex; by tomorrow morning when he has to present to the class. Wednesday the dog ate a pound of hamburger thawing on the stove; package and all. Wednesday night just after you fell asleep the dog reproduced the hamburger; in the worst way imaginable. Thursday your spouse scored cheap airfare; for a weekend away with their friends. Friday actually went alright; except you kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Whether it’s been a tough day, a rotten week, or it’s just built up over time; sometimes you just need an escape. Since your spouse didn’t reserve you a cabana in the Keys with those airline tickets; it’s on you to plan some fun this weekend. The sitter is booked, the friends are ready to roll; time to go to Escape Frenzy. Escape the traffic, escape the kids, kennel the dog, forget your spouse; it’s time for an escape room. Book an escape game - now things are looking up.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.