Another year filled with promise, adventure, and hopefully success. Standing at the starting line of 2018, you believe anything is possible. After the ball dropped and we all squealed with delight and toasted the New Year, the future looked so bright. When you woke up Monday morning, grateful to have the day off to recover, 2018 was too bright on the eyes and for some of you smarting from that hangover. After closing the blinds, and showering off 2017’s regrets, it’s time to get realistic about what we can expect to achieve this year.


It’s cloudy, dark, and freezing outside in January. As depressing as that is, we certainly cannot be expected to give up drinking and food for the New Year. Plus, with all the leftover beer and snacks from the weekend, it is probably best to resolve to not let good things go to waste. Maybe we can even recycle a few of the cans. These New Year’s resolutions are starting to look doable. What else can we conquer?


Getting out of debt sounds great in theory (and fantasy), but perhaps we can simply resolve to save money. I heard the after Christmas sales are still going on through the end of the week. Getting a job promotion would be awesome but with half of your coworkers being kiss ups, perhaps we should simply resolve to make it all the staff meetings. With all those new levels on Candy Crush to win, the conference room lighting will be perfect. Spending less time on Facebook should be a slam dunk according to all my new friends on Instagram. Getting organized may be pushing the envelope unless we define that as color coding each bag of M&M’s. Everyone knows the green ones taste best, and we will save those for last. Boom! Delayed gratification; check!


Lastly, we need to improve relationships and communication. Counseling and therapy are time consuming and expensive with my high deductible; however, a few escape games with my friends and family should take care of things. We get to practice communicating as we solve puzzles and clues, and having a blast together always improves relationship. Escape Frenzy will take care of this resolution for you.


Book your escape room now and get your 2018 New Year’s resolutions taken care of.


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