The holidays are a whirl wind of frenzy and activity. You can still taste Thanksgiving and just as the indigestion settles down, Christmas has arrived. Going to the company party, buying gifts, making plans with relatives, and the big day came before you knew it. Just when you think you can relax a little, you realize you have New Year’s a week later. Who was in charge of planning when they laid these out on the calendar all those centuries ago?


Ok, so what do we need to do in order to get ready for New Year’s? Well, actually not all that much. Text a few friends, confirm the location, buy some snacks and drinks, maybe some caffeine to make sure you make it until midnight. Shoot, we aren’t actually getting together until 7-8pm to hang out and wait for the countdown. Suddenly this doesn’t seem so overwhelming. In fact, what are you supposed to do all day until 8pm? Now it seems like most of the day may go to waste. Unless of course you want to head into the New Year having a blast.


In that case, just hop online and book an escape room at the one and only; Escape Frenzy! We have the best escape games in town and we are open New Year’s Eve. Start that day out strong and have some fun stories to tell that night. We are even open New Year’s Day in case you don’t make it till midnight and don’t need the entire next day to recover. New Year’s Day is even more boring, so you will definitely want to come try to escape the room on Monday. That’s ushering in the New Year the best way possible.


Book your escape game now and get 2018 started off with some awesome memories.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.