After this month’s installment of bizarre holiday traditions, we found some more oddities that will make you feel normal and glad to live in America where singing about a fat guy flying around in a sleigh seem pretty reasonable. In the lovely country of Norway, which has ancestral heritage for many Minnesotans, it seems that on Christmas Eve the good citizens all go out of their way to hide the brooms. Is it because they deserve a break from cleaning for the holiday? Of course not. It’s because witches and evil spirits come out on Christmas Eve and naturally witches are always looking for a good broom. As an added measure the men folk will fire warning shots into the air to help scare off those evil spirits, a known safe practice for your neighbors, and evil spirits are of course terrified of being mortally wounded by gun fire. You have to admire tradition over logic to appreciate this one.


Just a bit south the good people of Austria, Germany, and Hungary have found a great deterrent for mouthy hoodlums. Santa of course is there to reward all the good children, but remember he knows who has been naughty and nice. For those on the naughty list it seems Santa calls in some mythical muscle from the not too far off Transylvania where there all sorts of demonic creatures. Mind your P’s and Q’s children or Santa will have his counterpart Krampus stop by for a visit. Krampus of course is a beast-like creature who shows up in order to punish the bad kids. And if the terrifying legend isn’t enough to keep your brats in line, the good folks of Austria, Romania, and Bavaria actually dress up like Krampus and roam the streets scaring the crap out of children. Apparently some cultures have a time tough time transitioning past Halloween.


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