Even if the food and drink is good, you find yourself dreading yet another holiday party. Not even egg nog spiked with the good stuff is going to make another party bearable. You have discovered how scrooge and the Grinch came into existence. Surely they were meant to suffer one holiday gathering after the next until their spirit was broken and henceforth boycotted all such festivities with vehement distain.


Your teeth are set on edge as you hear the same Christmas music track playing as you walk in the front door of the next party your significant other has dragged you to. You stare at the table of snacks and can’t fathom how many treats crushed up candy canes can be put into. You gaze out amongst the horrible sweaters in the crowd, and that wasn’t even the theme of this one. Your neighbor suggests a group go caroling and you are grateful that you are not at home to have to hear them. You look for a place to hide as the old guy at the end of the block is running around with a mistletoe trying to kiss everyone and gender doesn’t seem to be a discriminating factor for him.


There is still two weekends left in December and necessity is the mother of invention. Before you get wrangled into going to another holiday party, you better take the bull by the horns and throw your own holiday party doing something fun and enjoyable. Call up your friends and family and invite them out to an escape game at Escape Frenzy. The thrill of the hunt keeps conversation focused and on track. No time to listen to Aunt Betty tell about her holiday quilt she has been sewing. We’re on a mission and the mission is to have fun. Fill your weekend with an escape room and you will spare yourself another holiday party. You can let them wear Santa hats to the escape room just to have the theme covered.


Book your escape game now and spare yourself another piece of fruit cake that cannot be swallowed down.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.