The good folks at Escape Frenzy would love to encourage you to start a family holiday tradition that might actually turn out to be pretty normal relatively speaking. It seems there are some seriously bizarre holiday rituals around the world that really make you sit back and wonder how our species ever reached the top of the food chain. For instance, the good folks of Wales have the jolly tradition of Mari Lwyd. Apparently, anytime between Christmas and the end of January you might hear a knock at your front door and discover a group of people singing. Sounds like caroling you think? Oh, did we forget to mention that someone dresses up as a horse and completed their costume using an actual dead horse skull. It seems this merry festivity is supposed to get you rewarded with food and drink. Try that in America and we might conclude that you already rewarded yourself with too much drink, or you might be the recipient of someone’s Taser while they call the police.


In Caracas Venezuela everyone wakes up Christmas morning to the sound of fire crackers going off in the early morning hours. Naturally, this is your signal to strap on your roller skates and head down to church for morning mass. Roads are closed off so you won’t have to worry about on-coming traffic as you lose control going downhill to give thanks for all your blessing. On the bright side it makes going to the front of the church for your communion a whole lot more fun and entertaining. So, now you can see where doing an annual escape room for the holidays sounds pretty reasonable, sane, and mundane by comparison. Breakout of the norm and start a new tradition and try to escape one of our rooms. Sorry no roller skates allowed. Book a game now and have fun this holiday season.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.