You are going to have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, visit with family, watch some football and relax with a four day weekend. So why would you want to spoil it by subjecting yourself to the Black Friday nightmare. It’s hard to see the holiday joy in waking up at 4AM to stand in a line that wraps around a building in the cold and dark. Then you get to sprint through a store hoping you don’t get clothes lined by your loving neighbors just so they can get one of the four TV’s on sale. After another hour in the checkout line that winds around the store, you can hop in the car for 30 minutes of Mall gridlock. Unless you’re a masochist, it’s hard to imagine why you would want to do that to yourself.


Escape Black Friday, enjoy your family, and have some fun this weekend. Try a live escape game, solve some puzzles, and work together to escape the room. Be nice to yourself this year and treat your family to an escape room. If you want to have fun on Black Friday, don’t go to the Mall, head down to Escape Frenzy. Book some holiday fun and start your holidays off right.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.