Kids grow up so fast. Most parents will only utter this phrase when they are looking backward in retrospect. Living through diaper changes, 3AM feedings, and endless crying for no discernable reason other than someone must hate you; made a couple years seems like an eternity while you were going through it. The terrible two’s seemed to drag out for 3-4 years while you set the egg timer for countless time outs. You thought you hit your groove during the middle years, until your daughter turned 13 and your 15 year old son took the car on a joy ride. Surely it must be children and not age that turned us gray. Nonetheless, how can you not love them? When situation and circumstance call for it, the family always comes together to support each other and get the job done.


You can create that sense of unity and accomplishment one more time at Escape Frenzy. Bring the family together for a mission to solve one of our puzzle rooms. Work together to breakout and escape the room with another triumph under the family belt. You will laugh together, work together, and escape the room together. Make the time for an escape room before they are gone and the nest is empty. Book an escape game and give your family another great memory to share.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.