I was pulled off on the shoulder, muttering under my breath, watching the lights spin in the rearview mirror; when suddenly the cop came running up to my window threw my driver’s license at me and told me to slow it down. I couple seconds later he was peeling rubber as I appreciated the irony of him telling me to slow it down. A stupid grin spread across my face as I realized I had narrowly escaped a speeding ticket.


On a hot August day, sweating like crazy and grumbling, I pushed the lawnmower straight into a tree and it died. At first I thought my ears must be playing a trick on me as I still heard the buzzing sound. I glanced up in time to see I had disturbed a hornet’s nest three branches up and the swarm was gathering its militia for a counter attack. I fled the scene knowing I was beat and realized that had the mower not died, I would surely have been the comedic relief of my neighbors as I stopped, dropped, and rolled; trying to beat off stinging bees.


Last February we were trapped inside by a snow storm and we decided to test our culinary skills on a new recipe. Slaving in the kitchen, I was relegated to the menial tasks of chopping and dicing. While pouting in my mind about my under-utilized talents a baby tomato attempted its own escape from my blade and went rolling across the counter. Having fielded many grounders in my youth, I dropped everything to stop the getaway. This of course included the knife which I watched spin three times on the counter, the last rotation sending it over the edge toward my toes. As the knife fell in slow motion I pitied my poor innocent toes who were clueless about the tragedy about to befall them. I tried to yell at them to get out of the way, but suddenly the knife plunged into the hardwood floor sticking straight up, rocking back and forth, just a couple millimeters from my big toe. Dodged another bullet; lucky chump.


Life is full of close calls and harrowing tales of danger. If you would like to try living on the edge intentionally for a change, come down to Escape Frenzy and test your skills, or dumb luck, on one of our escape games. The clock is ticking and once more you will find yourself in a desperate race to escape the room. Pull this one off, and you have another fantastic story to tell of how you narrowly escaped. Book an escape room and roll the dice again.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.