There are a few old timers around who remember when computers finally became affordable enough for home use. In the top left corner of the keyboard was the “ESC” key. Early on the escape key was used often to cancel or leave a running program or close a pop up window. It was the go to button when things weren’t working. Now it is rarely used and most people probably don’t even realize it is part of the keyboard. Some people might occasionally joke about it at work and try hitting the escape key when they wishfully want to be gone from their job.


To have the power to escape whatever is ailing us or driving us crazy would be a computer worth its weight in gold. We can’t offer you an escape key, but we know all about escapes. The key to escaping stress and finding some joy in your life is a few clicks away at Escape Frenzy. We can offer you an escape room where you can get lost in the theme and game play while you forget about all your responsibilities and just have the time of your life with friends and family. Come try our puzzle rooms and see if you can defeat our escape games. Click here for your next escape!


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.