Another year has come and gone and you are poised for what could be another Ground Hog’s day experience where you simply do the same thing you did last year and bring those orange frosted cookies to work and then sit home with bag of candy that you eat half of waiting for trick or treaters to ring the doorbell. How about something new and exciting this year? Mix it up, make it interesting, think outside the box.


You could read Poe stories to the children at the library, although you may end up getting banned. You could travel to Salem, Massachusetts for their festival, however we have work the next day and we can’t let those frosted cookies go to waste. You could wander the local cemetery, except your neighbors may think you are Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear and we all know how anti-climactic that turned out to be. Perhaps you could make popcorn balls; however the community may start a petition to have you relocated.


How about a Haunted House escape room with your friends? Definitely sounds like fun. Certainly new and different. You get to enjoy the Halloween theme and you love solving those escape games. There doesn’t seem to be downside. Breakout of the mold, solve puzzles, and escape the room. Book your Halloween weekend now and make 2017 a Halloween to remember!


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.