Most haunted houses are thought to be terrorized by either the deceased who may create some eerie but largely benign noises, or evil spirits often referred to as demons who have a much more maleficent and sinister desire for vengeance. A customer who came through Escape Frenzy told us a story her sister shared with her about their new house that she is sure had a demon. It seems her sister and brother in law had relocated to small town in Pennsylvania and had done some bargain shopping and found an old fixer upper in a remote area. Apparently the previous owners had left it vacant for some time and were happy to be rid of it selling for a great deal under value. Pleased with their steal, they moved in and started decorating and unpacking.


Within a couple days strange things began to happen. The husband had found a job right away and the wife intended to be home for a few weeks getting settled before looking for work. She was the first to notice things out of place from where she had put them the day before. Initially, she dismissed it thinking her husband had moved things to his liking. On the third day while working in the living room, the lights began to dim and flicker. She thought it must be an issue with the power company and kept working until she heard their bedroom door slam down the hallway. Having a view down the hall she could see there was no one there. Then she saw the bedroom door slowly start to open. She was frozen in place and screamed when the door slammed itself shut again. No sooner did the door slam, then the front door opened and her husband walked in. She ran into his arms sobbing and told him what had happened. He was starting to argue with her when the lights dimmed again and went out completely. After a second of silence, everything that was hanging on the walls fell off and hit the floor all at once. As they stared at each other speechless, the bedroom door began to open again and they heard a moaning coming from the bedroom. They immediately fled the house and got in the car and drove to town.


Every haunted house has some dark secrets, including the one at Escape Frenzy. Come see if you can escape the room before you are unnerved. The Halloween season is upon us and our Haunted House escape room is just what you are looking for. Book now and bring your friends. Hopefully there will be safety in numbers.


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