People have long been suspicious of the Ouija Board and whether it is a conduit to the great beyond. Many believe disgruntled and evil spirits utilize the Ouija to send messages and reach across to our world in order to terrorize the innocent once more. Stories abound from groups who have dared to dabble with this gateway. One story we heard was from a young group adults who were gathered together for an evening to hang out. After dinner it was getting dark and someone brought up the topic of the hereafter. The couple that owned the house mentioned that they had an old Ouija Board downstairs. The group of 6 ventured to the basement and gathered around a coffee table. One of the guests, seeing a creepy looking porcelain doll, asked if it was ok to move it. The hostess took the doll off the shelf it was on and took it through a doorway into the laundry room and placed it face down on a stack of clothes to be folded. She closed the door as she returned to the group.


Thirty minutes later, after getting a number of responses on the Ouija Board one of the guys asked the entity they were communicating with to prove itself. It then spelled out on the board the word, DOLL. The group looked around at each other and then at the closed laundry room door. The man of the house went over to the laundry room door to check on the doll his wife had laid on the clothes as the other looked on. When he opened the door, the doll was standing upright right at the threshold of the door. He quickly slammed the door and everyone ran upstairs screaming. The next day when they went back down in the daylight, the doll was once again on the pile of clothes, however, she was now face up.


We will warn you that our Haunted House escape room has both an Ouija Board and some dolls inside, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Tis the season to enjoy some fright and see if you can breakout and escape the room before you become its next victim. Gather your friends and your courage and come try this live escape game. Rooms are filling up fast, so book now!


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.