Most of us have had sat around with friends and told stories of the supernatural that we have heard, and a surprising number of people have their own personal experiences that have happened to them. We once heard a story from a gal about a haunted house that she lived in. She was only 12 when her father took a job that moved them from Atlanta to a rural town 3 hours west of Atlanta. They moved onto a property with about 50 acres and there were no neighbors within eye shot. The house had not been lived in for a number of years before they moved into it.


Shortly after moving in, strange things began happening. Often when her mom would go outside to get something, the front door would lock and she couldn’t get back in while her daughter was inside alone playing with her toys. Both she and her mom had a creepy feeling of being watched whenever they were in the basement. At times their dog would suddenly start whining and look across the room as if he were watching something. One night the daughter came home from a friend’s house and the house was completely dark. She went inside and found a note from her parents that they had gone out to dinner and would be home by 9pm. No sooner did she put the note down and she started to hear footsteps coming up from the basement. She ran into the bathroom which was one of the few rooms with a lock on the door, but the fan automatically runs when the lights are on so it was hard for her to hear what was going on in the house. After a few minutes she could hear something rubbing up against the bathroom door. In her terror she fainted and woke to her parents pounding on the door calling her name.


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