Oh great, it’s Monday. Time to wake up at the crack of dawn, blindly shower and try to dress appropriately for the meeting today that you still aren’t prepared for. If you don’t have kids to feed and get off to school, you might to hold off on that American dream for a few more years and covet the extra half hour of sleep. Hurry up and jump in the car so you drive 10 MPH to work while you try to decide if customers or coworkers are worse. Hop back in the car after what feels like 36 hours and rack you brains on what you can make for dinner with pickle relish and tator tots. Let’s face it, life is hard. Then we grow up and that life is hard too.


Sometimes we all need to escape the stress and monotony. It’s time to breakout of the grind and escape for a while. Come try a live escape games in the puzzle room of your choosing. We have CSI, Haunted House, Pirate’s Revenge, and The Search for Atlantis. Forget about your problems and worries and let Escape Frenzy make it all better. Leave your anxieties behind and enjoy yourself while you try to escape the room. Book your next escape at Escape Frenzy now.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.