Every submarine is built with an escape hatch so the crew can get out in the event of an emergency. Escape Frenzy’s immersive rooms actually put you into our submarine as you voyage toward The Search for Atlantis. Since you will be skimming the ocean floor following recently discovered maps that will lead you to the lost city of Atlantis, our submarine’s escape hatch probably won’t do you any good. Don’t dwell on that because finding the lost city of Atlantis is your bigger concern.


Once you suit up to explore this lost wonder, you will be in a race against time. Your oxygen supply is running low and time is running out for you to unlock and discover the mysteries of this ancient civilization. These advanced people have their secrets and you must solve their puzzles in order to unearth their treasures and knowledge. If you think the submarine sounds awesome, you will be amazed when you step into the city of Atlantis. Forget the escape hatch and just dig in and see if you can escape the room. The Search for Atlantis is one of our more challenging escape rooms, but we’re confident that you have what it takes. Book your next escape at Escape Frenzy now!


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.