There is certainly an air of mystery and intrigue around escape rooms, which adds to the suspense and excitement. However, trying to find anything out about an escape room beyond its theme, is like trying to figure out where the government is hiding the nuclear silos. It’s an outright secret. As much as we would love to show you a movie trailer about our rooms, things are kept secret for good reason. Virtually every escape room asks players not to discuss specific details about a room with friends and family. They don’t let you take pictures, and they don’t want you posting details or solutions on the internet.


The main reason behind all the secrecy is that we don’t want you to ruin the fun or the experience for others. Most rooms are designed to be challenging, but with just enough puzzles to get you through the hour. If you knew half the puzzles you would be done in 30 minutes and feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth. Additionally, knowing solutions could ruin it for others you are playing with too. Let’s face it, going to a magic show isn’t quite as amazing if you know the magician’s act and how he does all the tricks. We ask for your help in preserving the game secrets to enhance your experience and your friend’s experience when you send them to Escape Frenzy. We want you tell them how much fun you had, just not all the solutions to the puzzles. Book your next escape game and come experience the magic for yourself.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.