Tuesday September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! At Escape Frenzy, this is practically a major holiday. One of our most popular escape rooms is Pirate’s Revenge and there is no better place to let the vernacular of your pirate alter ego roll into full swing. Now let’s practice:


Ahoy, matey! Put down ye rum, you landlubber, and gather yourself up to the poop deck. That scurvy dog, Captain Hawkins, has hornswaggled our pieces of eight. If that seadog were standing here I’d lash him with the cat o’nine tails and then cleave him to the brisket. Avast ye, we come to know that the bilge sucking Hawkins has gone down to the tavern to splice the mainbrace. While that scallywag enjoys a pint, he will never be three sheets to the wind. That old salt will be one his way back to his lair none too soon. I’ve got a buccaneer in the crow’s nest looking out while we pillage his doubloons and take back our own booty as well. All hands hoay! Grab your cutlass and hit the head if ye must. We will run no shot across the bow, for dead men tell no tales. If we come across Hawkins or his crew we will hang ‘im from the yardarm or bring them aboard for a keelhaul surprise. Once we have our spoils, we weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! Shiver me timbers! Get that room booked lad, or you’ll be shark bait walking the plank.


Don’t miss out on your chance to swagger your pirate skills in our escape room. You only have a few days to get ready for this holiday.


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