There is no better reason to celebrate than when you are getting married. Spending time having fun with your friends and family is all part of the celebration. Having a bachelor/bachelorette party is a rite of passage before you tie the knot. Whether you are planning an evening of good natured fun or lighting up the town with drinks and debauchery, Escape Frenzy is the place to get your party started. Breakout of the usual mold and start the night with a live escape game.


Escape rooms are the hottest new form of entertainment. Being a part of the action is the best way to create lasting memories of a fabulous experience. You will look back for years and fondly remember the thrill of solving our puzzles and escaping with your friends. Make your last day being single a memorable and fun time. Our staff will make sure you have a blast. Book a room for you bachelor/bachelorette party at Escape Frenzy and rest assured that we will make your day special. Contact us now to find out how to set up a private escape room for your big day!


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.