The great Minnesota get together! What could be better than driving an hour through traffic to look for a parking spot 15 blocks away from the fair? You’ll get to enjoy the heat and humidity as swarms of people bump into you and stop to gawk at a tractor on a hill. After getting nauseous from barnyard animal odors, don’t forget to seal the deal with some indigestion on a stick. Although you might need to take out a line of credit before you head to the midway, at least you will get to take home with your six pound bag full of pamphlets and flyers. Although, the next day you may be wondering how you let this happen again after last year’s regret.


If you want to escape the remorse and save yourself a couple hundred dollars, start making alternate plans now. At Escape Frenzy we’ve got everything you are looking for: convenient (free) parking, air conditioning, an amazing escape room adventure, no crowded rooms, no heart burn, plenty of great memories, and you can even take a brochure if you really want. Break out of the State Fair trap and try one of our immersive escape games. We can’t wait to see you! Book now!


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.