The clock is ticking down. Your palms are a little sweaty, and the tension is rising. You could be in a nightmare, or a music video for Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself,’ but in reality? You’re in an escape room, a type of puzzle room where you (and other game-players) need to unravel the clues within 60 minutes to get out. Several others exist in the Minnesota metro area, but Escape Frenzy, opening later this year promises an entirely new kind of experience.

The Escape Room: A New Kind of Thrill

Escape rooms have been around for just over a decade, but are becoming more prominent with more varieties. Escape Frenzy will feature 4 types of rooms (descriptions to come!) in locations like a CSI investigation, haunted house, submarine, and pirate ship. Usually used as team building exercises, a good escape room is perfect for birthday parties (young and old), bachelor and bachelorette parties, even gender reveal parties (with the *reveal* worked into the solution). There’s a lot that goes in to creating a great escape room, and Escape Frenzy is dedicated to building rooms with the best props, sound design, interfaces, and more.

What to Expect at Minnesota’s Newest Escape Room

For frequent escape room artists, the basics remain the same. Users have 60 minutes to solve a mystery with a room, with up to 10 people. While children over 10 are allowed in rooms with adults, the puzzles are really designed for adults in mind. The completion rate hovers around for 20% – and that’s for a room full of adults!

What sets Escape Frenzy apart are the themes within each escape room. Designed and built in collaboration between psychologists and sound/visual engineers, every room is an experience as well as a puzzle. Some of the rooms contain elements of horror – specifically, a CSI murder scene and a haunted house – so users will need to select a room based on their sensitivity levels. No matter which room you choose, it’ll take brains, not brawn, to win. So keep your wits about you, and sign up for the newsletter to learn when reservations will open!