Every escape room is a unique and amazing experience for players, but we occasionally get some people who call and are worried about having to play with another group of strangers. They will voice concerns like, “What if they don’t like us”; “I don’t want to look stupid in front of them”; “what if they don’t share clues with us”; “what if they are bossy and controlling”; or “I don’t want to lose because of them”. These are all normal worries and concerns, but generally unfounded. Take it from the escape games experts who have watched thousands of players tackle our rooms, we usually see just the opposite of those concerns.


Where a solo family of 4 or 5 often play out the same dysfunctional communication in our rooms that they do at their dinner table; playing with strangers creates a whole new dynamic. We see groups come together with better communication and teamwork more times than not. We hear after groups escape the room that they think playing with strangers actually enhanced their game play. Perhaps not wanting to let down others and trying to impress them with your skill, actually improves how you play the game. We also see people have a great time interacting with new people, sometimes make new friends, and often high fiving and hugging it out over the big win. Everyone is there to have fun and take down the room. You will be amazed at how fast any initial ambivalence disappears once the clock starts ticking. Don’t let the idea of strangers deter you from coming and playing. You can always book the room out and make it private, but you will improve your chances of winning with more players and probably have a better time, so get over your stranger danger fear and book your next adventure at Escape Frenzy now.


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