You’ve probably been hearing more and more about these escape room experiences and exit games. You might be thinking this is for odd balls who like getting locked up in a room and enjoy trying to solve their way out. Maybe it’s a fetish? Perhaps these people can’t afford a TV and have veered a bit off the mainstream path. Some people will fall for anything. You may be thinking that these escape games are just a passing trend or a flash in the pan fad that will be gone by next month. No need to bother yourself with those shenanigans.


As it turns out escape rooms are literally sweeping the country. Three years ago they were unheard of. If you lived in a large metropolitan city, you might have been lucky to find one or two escape rooms. Blink your eyes and there are now 2,000 escape rooms across the United States alone, and apparently we were slow on the up take because they have been all the rage in Europe and Asia for well over five years. Americans are tired of sitting around snacking and hoping for some decent entertainment. The people have spoken and they want more. The days of sitting idly by in an audience are fading into yesteryear. Today’s consumers are thirsty for some real life action. They don’t want to watch; they want to participate. Experiences are much more memorable and enjoyable when you get be the main character.


Are escape rooms worth trying? That depends on what kind of life you want to live; or more specifically if you want to live life. If you want to waste away on the sofa, staring through the TV, whittling time away – be our guest. No judgment here. If you want some mental stimulation, a rush of adrenaline, to laugh with friends, some memories to share with others, and an experience like you have never had before; then escape rooms are totally worth it. Experience is everything. Come alive again and experience for yourself. Grab a piece of the action and book now at Escape Frenzy.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.